Records of the history of Dubai during the pre-Islamic time are not very clear.



Dubai is one of the seven magnificent emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates. It is a progressive Emirate whose main city is named Dubai City. Since it is located in the Middle East, people may assume that Dubai gets its great wealth from the oil industry. In reality, oil only comprises just more than 2 percent of its US$ 46 billion economy.

 Its major revenues come from tourism and from the service business that have set offices in its free zones. It also has become a melting pot of different cultures since there are many foreign expats in the city now aside form the numerous Indians, Pakistanis and Filipinos who work in the area.

Dubai is often called many names from the “City of Gold” due to its famous gold market to the “Shopping Capital of the Middle East” because of the many assorted products available that come in very low prices. It is often believed that the name Dubai comes from the word “Daba” which means a prosperous market. This may be true since its markets such as the Spice market and the Gold Souk draws in lots of crowds.

Recently, Dubai is the United Arab Emirates premier commercial center. Infrastructure projects are being done everywhere in the city. The city is divided in the center by the Dubai Creek, Derra to the north side and Bur Dubai on the south side. Each side is booming with new developments and attractions such as hotels, malls, mosques, souks and restaurants.

When you visit Dubai, make sure to go in months which are not hot. Having a subtropical climate means that rainfall comes frequently only. The best time to visit is nearing the winter months; this would allow you to enjoy walking and seeing the sights. If you go during the summer season then you might end up just staying in your air conditioned hotels.